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Medium Dry Cherry Wine
Members Recipe 2018 National
Supplied by Peter Robinson

1.5 kg cherries (fresh, frozen or bottled; if using bottled use approximately 1500gm net weight)
8oz raisins
1 lb 8 oz sugar (reduce by 4oz if using bottled cherries in syrup)
2 litres red grape juice
1 tsp Pectolase
1 tsp Yeast nutrient
Wine yeast (general purpose)

Place cherries in bucket and crush with hands or masher and remove stones (include the syrup if bottled). Add minced raisins and 12oz sugar. Pour in 1 litre boiling water and mix until sugar dissolves. Add the grape juice and top up with water to 4.5 litres. When cool enough add remaining ingredients, stir, cover and allow to ferment for 4 days stirring once/twice daily. Strain off into demi-john, add the remaining sugar and ferment to dryness. Add sugar, grape juice, xylitol or similar to bring to medium dry, O.G. 999–1002.
The ingredients for this should be easy to get. Bottled cherries are readily available in Lidl and Polish shops at a reasonable price and red grape juice is now much easier to get than white and of much better quality than it used to be. This wine could also be used in both the stoned fruit classes at different levels of sweetness, so it’s 3 for the price of 1!

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Belhaven Wee Heavy (Formerly 90/-)
Members Recipe 2018 National
Supplied by Peter Lawrence

OG 1070          FG 1013           ABV 7.6%       IBU 36           SRM 76
Liquor             Total liquor    34.6 litres       Mash liquor   15.6 litres
To make 23 litres:
Pale malt                    6150 grams White sugar     550 grams
Black malt                  140 grams
Mash at 66ºC for 90 minutes
Start,                          Whitbread Goldings             63 grams
Last 10 minutes         Whitbread Golding               21 grams
Irish moss      3 grams
Boil time         90 minutes

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Fig Wine
60th Anniversary Recipe 2018 National
Supplied by Amateur Winemaker 1972

½ lb dried figs
½ lb raisins
2lb bananas
1 tsp citric acid
2 lb sugar
pectic enzyme

Chop figs and raisins and place in bucket with sugar. Pour on boiling water to dissolve sugar. Boil bananas in water for 30 minutes and strain liquid into bucket. When cool, add remaining ingredients and top up to 1 gallon. Ferment on the pulp for 7 days and then strain into demijohn. Ferment to dryness. This wine will require a bit of racking and needs 6 months to mature, but should make a full bodied dry wine. You may wish to adjust the finished by adding a little more acid to balance and possibly diluting with a bit of water if the alcohol seems high.

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Younger’s 60/- Ale
60th Anniversary Recipe 2018 National
Durden Park Old British Beers and how to make them

OG 1060-1062
To make 1 gallon
1 ½ lb Pale Malt
1 lb Carapils
¾ oz Goldings hops

Mash at 150 deg F for 3 hours. Boil for 90 minutes. Dry hop with 1/10 oz Goldings. Mature for 3-4 months.

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Dry Redcurrant & Strawberry Wine
Members Recipe 2019 National
Supplied by Derek McArthur

1 kg Redcurrants 1 kg Strawberries (fresh or frozen)
900gms sugar
1 litre Red Grape Juice
¼ Litre White Grape Concentrate
1 tsp Yeast
1 tsp Yeast nutrient
Campden & Stopper

After removing any husks/stalks, place redcurrants & strawberries in a bucket, and crush with masher.
Pour in 1½ litres of boiling water and mix ingredients well.
When cool enough, add white grape concentrate, red grape juice with 450gms sugar, stir until dissolved.
Allow to ferment for 5 days stirring once/twice daily.
Strain off to demi-john, add 450gms sugar, top up with water to 4.5 litres, ferment to dryness.
Add Campden & stopper.

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Will I Amber Ale
Members Recipe 2019 National
Supplied by Martin Thompson

Ingredients for 23 litres O.G. 1048; FG 1011 ABV approv 4.9%

Pale Malt 4012gms 80%
Amber Malt 500gms 10%
Wheat Malt 250gms 5%
Crystal 250gms 5%
Hops: to 38 IBU
Willamette 60 mins 45 gms 32 IBU
Willamette 30 mins 15 gms 8 IBU
Irish Moss 20 mins
Willamette *-5 mins 10gms 0 IBU
Mine were 6.6% from Hop and Grape

I used Safale US-05 with American and English Amber Ale in mind. Willamette hops were my choice for the same reason. Willamette were developed from the English Fuggles and retain the earthiness but with more peppery and floral notes. Typical American Amber ales however use the now ubiquitous full-on hops which swamp the toasty malt flavours, in my opinion.
Mash at 66ºC for 60 mins
Boil 60 mins and allow temp to drop 5 or 10 degrees below boiling before adding last hop.
Ferment ideally for 14 days if temperature can be constant at 18-19ºC. Carbonate with 4oz sugar.

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